Phil's World

Monday, November 27, 2006

For this last TV journal, I will comment my program. Before talk about this TV show, I will answer to some question asked by few classmates. Valerie asked to me ; who is my favorite character ? My favortite is Homer, because he is funny character. Also, Caroline wanted to know how much is the dvd box, I’m sorry I cannot give a price to you because, I have received this like a gift. This program was very good, it made me laught a lot. In each episode you learned a moral from the real life. This morale passed like a joke but there is some reality in it. I recommand this DVD box to other students because, it a program who has all listen when we was young and it is always good.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Today, I will tell you the story of the day when I was fired. Firstly, I’m Homer Simpson and I worked at the Springfeild nuclear station. The story started when my son, Bart, came to the station for a school visit. When he saw me in the station, I was drinving a car. He shouted my name, and he disturbed my attention, so I didn’t see the pipes in from of me and I broke the pipes. After this accident, the boss fired me. The days after that, I felt very sad. So sad, that at night, I decided to commit suicide. I wrote a letter to my family and I went to the bridge. Just before I jump from the top of the bridge, my family came to talk to me. At this moment, I saw a car coming very fast in direction of my family so I started to run and save my family from the dangerous driver. After this night I decided to put pressure on the city for the installation of more security signs. When in the city, I saw enough security sign. I realized then the real danger of the city wasn’t the drivers, but the nuclear station. So I started a big event to protest against the pollution of the station. A few of times after the beginning of the event, Mr. Burns, the station director, called me to his office. He made to me an offer ; I stopped the event and he regive to me my job. I was very confused but I accepted the offer and my life became like before.

Monday, September 25, 2006

In the seconde episode of the DVD-box, Bart became a genius. The story started, in the evening, when the Simpsons family played Scrabble. Lisa was very interested by the game, but it wasn't the same thing for Bart. The game stopped when Bart irritated Homer and Homer knocked over the table to catch Bart and give him a correction. The next day, Bart had to pass an intilligence test in class. He wasn’t able to answer one question so he peeked-off the sheet of a classsmate who irritated him and he change the name. When the teacher corrected the sheet with the name of Bart, he calculated an I.Q of 126. So he asked Bart if he wanted to go to a school for geniuses. Bart accepted the propositon. So after, the relation between Bart and Homer was very good, They did something that they never did before, but Bart was not able to perform in this school ; he was too stupid. So, he decided to admid that he cheated on the intelligence test to the teacher. In the night, when he was only with Homer, he confessed that he cheated on the test but that the last time was very great and he didn’t want to lose this relation. So Homer was very furious and he ran after Bart, but Bart had the time to go to his room and the episode finished.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

For the Tv JOurnal, the program that I chose is The Simpsons. This is a story about a little family of Springfeild who has different life problems in each episode. In this episode, the problem is that Homer has no money for the Christmas gifts and he has to find a solution. This family has five members. First, there is Homer, the father, he is a little bit stupid and he doesn't care about everything, but he alway succeds to get out of troubbe. Secondly, there is Marge, who is the mother, she take care of the family and she does everything in the house. She assures the well-being of the family. Thirsdly there is Lisa, the future genius of the family, she is young but very intelligent and she isn't afraid to tell her opinion. Fourtlhy, there is Bart, the bad boy, he is not very good at school and he likes to break the rules. Last f all, there is Maggie, the baby of the family. I chose this TV program beacause when I was young I loved to watch this program, it was a funny program and my friend has the English DVD-box of the first season.